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   At a young age, Dereks father put a camera in his hands. As a way to keep him busy and out of the way on family vacation. After seeing a few photos his Dad realized he had an eye for photography.  So that's where the lessons and skills began to operate Nikon cameras. Little did his father know, these early teachings of composition and exposure would turn into a love and passion in film for his son.  Taking a photography job at a family studio Derek trained, helped, and taught basic lighting, developing and printing. Creating a photography portfolio that consists of an array of photos from glamour shots, to editorial, celebrity and scenic photography.  

        Years later Derek found a love for motion pictures, and began training at Panavision Hollywood in the two year program.  Working up through the camera ranks, getting to study under great cinematographers such as Shane Hurlbut, Roger Deakins to Malik Sayeed, Jeff Cronsworth and so on.  Training to use film cameras like Panaflex, Arri, and Aton to digital cameras such as Alexa and RED all the way down to the 5D mkII. Derek has forged a style of photography and cinematography which merge creative aesthetics with high energy and distinguished talent that have a love for art.  

         As a director of photography/camera operator  to tech/consultant Derek started shooting with directors such as Hype Williams, Spike Lee, Herb Ritts and David LaChappel.  In this work environment he adapted to all forms of art in the commercial, music videos, tv series, and feature films worlds.  
       Attracted to the art and helping people see and imagine visions from their wildest imaginations....
Remember we have the best jobs in the world.

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